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Loggle is an IT Asset Management Tool that allows IT teams to monitor and manage the lifecycle and costs of all software, hardware and integration assets used within an enterprise.

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Meet Loggle

Loggle is an IT Asset Management Tool that allows IT teams to monitor and manage the lifecycle and costs of all software, hardware and integration assets used within an enterprise.

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Everything You Should Know About SAP License Management

Everything You Should Know About SAP License Management

Businesses are increasing their technology investments day by day in order to establish an integrated business structure. The ROI obtained from these investments is the main key to the sustainable growth of the business. For this reason, businesses should measure all these technology expenditures and evaluate the technology inventory according to their efficiency and functions.

License management is one of the basic components of IT asset management and IT cost management. In this article, we will be sharing with you the strategies you can apply for the effective management of SAP licenses. But first, let's take a look at license management.

What is License Management?

License management is a management process that enables businesses to comply and optimize the costs and use of licensed assets. License management is primarily concerned with managing the use of software and other intellectual property, but can also be used to manage other types of licenses, such as leases on real estate or vehicles.

License management is often associated with software licensing and hardware key management, but it can also be applied to other types of assets such as physical or virtual machines, desktop computers, mobile devices, etc.

Why is License Management Important?

The main goal of license management is to ensure that you only use the number of copies of an asset that you have paid for and have been authorized to use. To achieve this goal, you need to have an efficient way to track how many copies of an asset exist in your environment.

Software license management is a complex task because it involves many different stakeholders across the organization: IT, finance and legal. Most organizations don't have an integrated solution to manage licenses across the entire organization, which can lead to problems such as license compliance errors or unexpected expenses.

The benefits of license management include:

  • Improved control over software use. A license management system allows businesses to track how many users are using a particular piece of software at any given time, which helps them identify whether they have enough licenses available to allow everyone who needs it access to the software they need on a daily basis.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with licensing terms. If you don't know what your company owns, you may find yourself unable to make full use of the assets you've been given permission to use — or worse still, find yourself in violation of the terms in your contract with the vendor. A good license management system will help ensure that your business is always compliant with its contracts with vendors and contractors.
  • Better control over costs associated with software licensing agreements (SLAs). An SLA usually specifies how many users can access it.

What is SAP License Management?

SAP offers software solutions used all over the world, especially ERP. Companies using SAP have a SAP license for every software they purchase. There are many different types of SAP licenses. For this reason, SAP license management can be complex for businesses.

SAP supports multiple types of licensing models: perpetual, subscription-based and pay-as-you-go (PAYG). Each type has specific requirements that must be followed to ensure compliance with vendor policies and avoid fines or other penalties from vendors if you exceed your usage limits.

It’s not enough to buy the right number of licenses and distribute them among your employees. You also need to ensure that you have the right licenses for each user, and that those licenses don’t expire or get revoked by SAP.

SAP license management is a process in which you track all your SAP software licenses, including their status, quantity and expiration date. You also manage how they’re distributed among your employees and other business units.

The purpose of SAP license management is to avoid any compliance issues with SAP. If you don’t manage your licenses properly, you could face hefty fines from SAP or even lose access to your software altogether.

Why Is SAP License Management Important?

The main reason why SAP license management is important is that it affects your bottom line. If you don’t manage your licenses correctly, you could end up paying too much for them or not having enough for all the users who need access to the software in your organization.

SAP licenses are often purchased through a third-party vendor who manages them on your behalf. This means that if there’s an issue with compliance or licensing requirements, they will contact you rather than your IT department directly.

Another benefit of managing SAP licenses correctly is that it helps reduce the risk of downtime due to technical issues with the software itself or an outage with your IT infrastructure such as power or network connectivity problems.

How Can You Manage Your SAP Licenses?

Managing SAP licenses with manual methods can be a real headache. Manual processes can cause many errors to occur. Loggle offers a platform where businesses can manage all their IT assets throughout their lifecycle, along with their costs and licensing processes.

With Loggle, businesses can create IT inventory and easily access all contracts and contracts related to assets in this IT inventory. Loggle also sends an alarm to the relevant license officer at the time of license expiry and license renewal. In this way, businesses can detect unused or duplicate IT assets and get rid of them and save costs.

If you want to see how you can manage your SAP licenses with Loggle, create a demo request now!

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loggle Meet Loggle

Loggle is an IT Asset Management Tool that allows IT teams to monitor and manage the lifecycle and costs of all software, hardware and integration assets used within an enterprise.

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