Meet Loggle

Loggle is an IT Asset Management Tool that allows IT teams to monitor and manage the lifecycle and costs of all software, hardware and integration assets used within an enterprise.

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Meet Loggle

Loggle is an IT Asset Management Tool that allows IT teams to monitor and manage the lifecycle and costs of all software, hardware and integration assets used within an enterprise.

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Application Management for Today’s Enterprises

Application Management for Today’s Enterprises

Digitalization, as a global change, was already on our agenda before the pandemic. However, the digital transformation, which accelerated with the pandemic process, created a serious workload for the IT teams of the enterprises. While integrating the applications that will enable the personnel to work remotely into the system is a workload, the existing and newly included Application Management follow-up brought along completely different problems. For this reason, Application Management monitoring is more important than ever for today's businesses. So, what does Application Management mean for today's businesses?

What is Application Portfolio Management?

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is the methodology that covers the business processes of companies to monitor and measure their application inventories. APM makes the IT infrastructure of companies more transparent and helps detect unnecessary applications. Thus, companies can optimize IT costs and gain accurate insights for IT investments by implementing Application Portfolio Management.

Application Management for Saving Money and Time

Saving money and time is important for any business. At this point, Application Management offers businesses what they are looking for. For example, you can entrust all these works to an application, which is normally needed to keep track of your IT structure and applications. Thanks to the time you save, your IT specialists can undertake works that can generate more profit by turning to works that can create added value for your organization.

Application Management Reduces Need of an IT Specialist Team

To follow the IT infrastructure, you need to work with the best IT experts in the field. However, it may not be easy to find an IT specialist at this point. Even if you find the best IT professionals for your organization, you may have different problems hiring them. Even if you succeed in hiring the IT professionals you want on your team, you may have to allocate a serious budget for the IT professionals you find.

Using Application Management minimizes the need for a large IT team at this point and you have the opportunity to carry out more important work with your existing team.

Application Management Can Keep Up with The Speed

The speed of digital transformation has gained momentum with the pandemic. This does not end when businesses complete their digital transformation. It's because the applications focused on the user experience are constantly gets updated and it takes a lot of effort to follow such rapid growth. At this point, the existence of an application that will follow the updates can make things much easier, while keeping your IT experts on the watch for these updates may prevent them from focusing their attention on more important tasks. With an application that monitors the updates in applications for your efficient business processes, you can allocate your IT team more space to put effort into tasks with greater added value for your company.

Measure the Performance of Your Applications with Application Management

During your business processes, different application requests may come from different teams. Your organization purchases and makes these applications available so that employees can produce more fruitful work. However, after a point, that already-paid-for application may not be needed due to a change of plans, working style or different reasons. Thanks to application management, you can measure how much of the applications in your portfolio are actually put in use, evaluate the growth attained by your investment, and evaluate the overall efficiency. You can act target-oriented thanks to Application Management, which offers you numerical, factual, real values for the decisions you will make for the next step.

Cloud Experience with Application Management

The cloud solution is one of the most popular solutions for institutions that have realized the transition to working remotely in days during Covid-19. The reason why cloud solutions are trending is mainly due to their focus on getting better service with fewer limitations. Organizations that have many IT assets today prefer to maintain their assets over the Cloud because of these 'limitless' fields of action. Along with such a trend, it becomes possible to have more with less for your organization by doing application management over the cloud.

Do You Need to Implement Application Management for Your Company?

Like any solution, application management may not be able to meet the needs of every institution. At this point, you can answer the following questions to understand if you need the cutting-edge solutions that come along with applications management. If you answer yes to at least three of the questions below, application management is one of the solutions you need:

  • Do you have so many apps that it's hard to keep track of?
  • Is your investment in apps a significant amount for your institution?
  • Are you having trouble keeping up with updates?
  • Is the up-to-dateness of your applications a primary concern for your IT department?
  • Could a setback in practices cause significant material and moral damage to your institution?
  • Are you aware that if your IT department finds more room to act, it will have an impact on your organization's achievement of its goals by doing value-added work?

Application Portfolio Management Software

Application Portfolio Management Software enables end-to-end processes of all APM processes on a single platform. Application Portfolio Management Software offered by Loggle offers such a platform where you can easily manage all your application management processes. With Loggle, you can view your IT infrastructure with dashboards and graphics created with the latest UX/UI.

If you have concluded that you need to implement application management, you can click here to contact us.

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loggle Meet Loggle

Loggle is an IT Asset Management Tool that allows IT teams to monitor and manage the lifecycle and costs of all software, hardware and integration assets used within an enterprise.

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